Introducing AI Technology Solution Joint Stock Company

Company information

Địa chỉ: 98/4 DTH5, Đông Hưng Thuận, Quận 12, TPHCM
Điện thoại: 0906 816 000 | 0906 826 000
Website: |


Business areas


  • Smart home, home automation
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smar VMS, Smart camera. Providing camera management software for buildings and cities, with a large number of cameras
  • Smart lighting: Remote control of devices, using renewable energy sources to save and protect the environment


  • Installation and maintenance of lighting systems, electricity for housing projects, buildings, or public works such as airports, railway stations, bus stations ..
  • Installation and maintenance of camera systems
  • Installation and maintenance of smart home system
  • Camera rental, surveillance for customers, support during holidays or the weekend …


  • Smarthome gadgets
    • Touch switch
    • Smart switch controlled via wifi, 3G…
    • Gateway smarthome
  • CCTV
    • IP Camera
    • Smart Camera
    • Smart VMS – supported AI algorithms: license plate recognition, face recognition, human detection,…
  • Smart Light: smart solar lights